A Virtual Journey through the Human Body

A Virtual Journey through the Human Body





New product (drug) launch: Cotellic. The aim was to inform doctors quickly, effectively and widely about the availability of a new drug. The prepared VR application allows you to travel through the body along the path taken by a drug which supports the treatment of melanoma.

The journey begins with the user entering the cockpit of the spacecraft. Thereafter, the ship is reduced to the size of a pill and swallowed along with the tablet. As it slides down the esophagus, it gives the user an experience similar to riding a roller coaster. It passes through the stomach into the intestines, where the viewer learns how microvilli work. The traveler is shrunk again and absorbed into the bloodstream along with the drug. In the bloodstream, the user travels around the moving blood cells, leukocytes and proteins learning how the drug works.

Throughout the journey, we are accompanied by a mad scientist who explains every stage of the journey. But that is not all! The user can interact with each of the described healing processes, which strengthens their understanding and memorization. The viewer not only listens and looks but can also actively participate in the performance and experience strong emotions. The whole thing takes place in a very engaging environment where the person is cut off from external distractions, completely immersed in VR, and focused only on the show.

This VR application explains the action of the drug in an accessible and attractive way. During presentations at physicians’ conferences and meetings, VR attracts a wide audience who are always willing to recommend the presentation to other participants,


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