A Virtual Tour of the Biggest VR Park in Europe

A Virtual Tour of the Biggest VR Park in Europe





Our client wanted to build an application with which he could show all the advantages of the Alvernia Planet complex. Thanks to the use of a wide range of XR family technology, the application enables the creation of amazing impressions and effects during a virtual walk that encourage potential partners to cooperate with the Alvernia Planet complex.

The application was prepared in various versions for various platforms from the XR family.

  • AR – allows you to see the complex from a bird’s eye view. The camera on a mobile phone can detect the Alvernia Planet logo when looking at a business card or other advertising material, at which point it shows a three-dimensional model of the entire complex in its place.
  • VR for smartphones (Android and iOS) – allows you to view a complex mock-up in VR and move through and explore the interiors of rooms in individual buildings.

    It is your smartphone that is the window to the virtual world. Just insert your smartphone into the cardboard goggles to experience the virtual reality of Alvernia Planet.

    An additional functionality of this solution is the ability to have your view modified by a guide, which allows him to refine the details of the surroundings as you explore the environment.

  • VR for PC and VR goggles – the most visually effective solution, intended for events and important meetings.

    The user can move around a very large virtual complex mock-up. Each building is reproduced very realistically, with lots of detail. With position tracking, you can lean down and move your head closer to the individual elements of the model to see all the details of the buildings, parking lots, logistics and locations. After touching a building with their finger, the user is transported into its interior, where he or she can explore the rooms inside.

The application was made using very modern and diverse technologies. It combines the use of three-dimensional 360 8K panoramas and virtual 3D objects – providing an unprecedented level of realism of mapped interiors and a sense of authenticity. Thanks to this, the effects of negative stimuli, which can cause a feeling of discomfort in some people when they use virtual reality, are avoided.

Thanks to the use of the photogrammetric technique, an incredibly detailed, photorealistic 3D mock-up of the complex was created. This encourages the user to navigate the virtual world on their own and to touch virtual objects with their own hands. This solution enables salespeople to present a wide range of solutions used in the Alvernia complex to a potential client. Importantly, the presentation of the offer can take place anywhere, even on the customer’s premises. The customer has the opportunity to visit a faithfully reproduced and photorealistic Alvernia without the need to travel personally to Krakow (PL) to see and discuss every detail and advantage of the offer.

The VR application for a mobile phone inserted into cardboard goggles combined with the ability to act as a guide while viewing and controlling it from a second phone, allows it to be used as a sales tool in dynamic situations. This is especially true when the conditions do not allow the installation of a laptop, when fast and efficient work is needed, or where the presentation space is limited.


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